Admissions Requirements: What You Need to Qualify

  • Educational Qualification: A high school diploma or its equivalent (General Education Development "GED" High School Equivalency Certificate) is mandatory for all applicants.
  • Information Session: Schedule a meeting with an Admissions Representative to discuss costs, equipment, services, time commitments, and any technical competencies required by your chosen program.
  • Documentation: At the time of enrollment, you'll be asked to produce proof of high school graduation or your GED certificate.
  • Conditional Acceptance: Until the final transcript from your high school is received, acceptance will be conditional.
  • Validity Check: If there are concerns regarding the validity of your documents, you have 30 days to obtain an official transcript or GED document to determine eligibility.

Note : Applicants to the Practical Nurse and Surgical Technician Programs will undergo a selective admission process, which includes additional application requirements such as drug/alcohol screening, background checks, and an online admission examination (TEAS).

Special Considerations

  • Background Checks:Students with adverse background checks will not be admitted into the Practical Nurse, Central Processing Technician, and Surgical Technician programs.
  • Post-Admission Offenses:Criminal acts committed after admission must be reported to the Program Director, which may impact your progress in the program.
  • State Licensing:Upon completion of PN Program, you'll be subjected to another background check for the licensure exam. The State of Michigan, or the state where you plan to take the exam, will make the final determination of your eligibility.

Ongoing Support

Our policies are subject to change. For the most current information or if you have questions, please reach out to Abcott Institute Student Services.

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