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The Practical Nurse(PN) program in Southfield, MI at Abcott Institute provides students with the knowledge and clinical skills necessary to enter the healthcare field as a Practical Nurse. Graduates of the Abcott Institute, a Practical Nurse training school in Southfield, MI, are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-PN licensure examination. Passing this exam is crucial to becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Abcott Institute’s Practical Nurse Program offers:

Practical Nurse (PN) Training Program Michigan
  • A Strong Foundation In Both The Theory And Techniques Of Clinical Nursing
  • Hands-On Learning In On-Site Nursing Laboratories That Simulate Various Clinical Environments
  • Opportunities To Practice Communication And Interpersonal Skills Needed For Developing A Rapport With Colleagues And Patients
  • Preparation From Classroom-To-Career Skills Training Through A Focus On Skills And Knowledge In Preventive Nursing Care, Therapeutic Nursing Care, Rehabilitative Nursing Care, Restorative Nursing Care, And Nursing Interventions
  • Valuable, Practical Experience Gained Through The Completion Of Clinical Experiences At Off-Campus Healthcare Facilities, Under The Supervision Of Nursing Faculty Who Are Michigan Licensed Registered Nurses With A Minimum Degree Of Bachelors In Nursing Science (BSN).
  • 12-Month Program Consisting Of 16 Courses Over 51 Weeks.
  • Day Program (9:00 Am -3:00 Pm). Some Clinical Experiences May Start Prior To Stated Hours.
Practical Nurse (PN) Classes Detroit


Practical Nurses provide vital care to patients in need. Practical Nurse graduates provide basic care to patients in a variety of healthcare environments, including physicians’ offices, clinics, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, long-term care facilities, rehabilitation centers, hospice agencies, and home healthcare settings. Licensed Practical Nurses for example:

  • Monitor A Patient’s Health By Checking Vital Signs
  • Administer Prescribed Medications
  • Administer Wound Care And Insert Catheters
  • Provide For The Basic Comfort Of Patients, Such As Helping Them Bathe Or Dress
  • Report A Patient’s Medical Status To The Registered Nurse And/Or Physician
  • Maintain Patient Health Records
  • Interact With Patient’s Family
  • Collect Specimens


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job market for Practical Nurses is expected to grow by 16 percent through 2024. The average growth rate for all occupations is 7 percent. The job growth for PNs is faster than the average growth rate for all occupations. Why? As the health care needs of baby boomers increase, the population ages and an increase in chronic conditions occurs, the demand for LPNs and their knowledge and skills is expected to rise. The median annual wage for Practical Nurses is $44,090 per year, approximately $21.20 per hour. For more information about Practical Nurses, visit


You can join an exciting, challenging, and growing employment field where professional satisfaction can be high as you nurture the health of others on a daily basis. Through a challenging and engaging practical nursing program, Abcott Institute, a leading practical nurse training school in Southfield, MI, can help you achieve your dreams of serving a critical role on the front lines of patient care in a variety of job settings. Upon completion of the final Abcott Institute Practical Nursing course, graduates will:

Demonstrate professional behaviors and accountability to the legal and ethical standards for a competent licensed practical nurse.

Effectively communicate in oral and written environments with a patient, significant support person(s), and members of the interdisciplinary health care team incorporating interpersonal and therapeutic communication skills.

Collect holistic assessment data from multiple sources, communicate the data to appropriate health care providers, and evaluate client response to interventions.

Collaborate with the registered nurse or other members of the health care team to organize and incorporate assessment data to plan/revise patient care and actions based on established nursing diagnoses, nursing protocols, and assessment and evaluation data.

Demonstrate a caring and empathic approach to the safe, therapeutic, and individualized care of each client regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin, creed, religion, political affiliation or belief, gender, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, and ability.

Implement patient care, at the direction of a registered nurse, licensed physician, or dentist through the performance of nursing interventions or directing aspects of care, as appropriate, to unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP).

Features of Abcott Institute PN Program


67 (Non-transferable)


Day 12 Months (51 Weeks)
Monday – Thursday

9am - 2pm


Program designed to provide students the needed knowledge, skills, and clinical practice of a Practical Nurse through didactic course content, skill practice/acquisition/evaluation, and hands-on faculty supervised off-site clinical experiences which reflect the Licensed Practical Nurse scope of practice.


  • Textbooks
  • Clinical Experience
  • Skills Lab Procedures/Techniques
  • Tutoring Available
  • PN Uniform
  • Course Standardized Exams to Become Familiar with NCLEX-PN
  • NCLEX-PN Predictability Exam to Access Readiness to Take Exam
  • NCLEX-PN Live Review
  • NCLEX-PN Exam Fee (One time only)

*Clinical dates/times are negotiated with clinical agencies and may involve different days/times.

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Abcott Institute Practical Nurse Program received initial approval from the Michigan Board of Nursing.


What Our Graduates Say

Abcott Institute which effectively grooms career of their students. Top-notch education is what Abcott Institute provides in CNA/HHA/PCT field to each of the students enrolled. The faculty is dedicated for shaping their students career and making their future bright, which helps them to have lucrative job options later.

Betty M. Chaney

I’ve had amazing experience at Abcott Institute, from my first day all the way till my placement. The staff was wonderful and very helpful. Abcott brought out the passion in me that I actually didn’t even know I had. I will be now working as a medical assistant and I plan to continue my further education in the same school.

James Stitt

Great experience! I learned more than I had expected. My instructors were fantastic and very helpful. As hands-on-training is quite important in surgical technician training, I really liked the way our instructors used examples and visual aids to make things easier for us.

Brenda Shill